James Colburn
  • Put the happiness back in your success and achievement! 
  • Learn the transformative power of asking GREAT Questions! 
  • Discover the power of a bedtime success ritual that takes just 5-Minutes! 
James Colburn Identity

“Our culture and the demands of our success often drag us toward the pursuit of obvious, worldly achievements and away from what seems an invisible road of our purpose, our meaning, and our fulfillment. To resucceed is to hack your sleep by adopting an Epic Evening Ritual of asking great questions and letting the power of sleep do the rest.”


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Ready to recapture that boundless joy and enthusiasm that used to come so easily?

Here’s the deal: Just because you excel at some skill or possess a certain ability doesn’t mean that is why you are here on Earth or what you should give your life to. That’s the lie of success, the trap and enticement of achievement. We reach a point of failure when we mistakenly become better versions of our achievement instead of better versions of ourselves.

Let me show you an astonishing simple way to reveal the answers to your struggles you already hold within.