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There's a little known secret to why already successful individuals are so unhappy. 

  • Learn how to start your own 5-Minute Epic Evening Ritual. 
  • Discover how to hack your sleep by asking Great Questions right before you sleep.
  • Unlock the secrets to accessing the purpose, meaning and fulfillment that you crave without giving up on the success you've worked so hard to build.

“RESUCCEED is the next-level success handbook for the already successful.”



Congratulations—you're successful! . . . So why are you so unhappy? You’ve racked up achievements and strive every day to do your best, yet your energy and enthusiasm seem to have evaporated. 

If we're not careful, success becomes a trap. Big titles, paychecks, and possessions—they can all become barriers holding us back from our purpose, meaning, fulfillment, and joy. Worse, as high achievers we're tempted to think we should have all the answers. We mistakenly define ourselves by what we've accomplished rather than who we are. 

Is it any wonder we're miserable? 

RESUCCEED shows you how to break that cycle. In it, you’ll learn a simple bedtime routine to focus your attention on the Great Questions most important to your life. Successful people normally have a morning routine to launch their day, but too often they don’t understand the importance of having a ritual to end the day. They slide into bed exhausted, missing their chance to prime their minds for a new level of thinking in the 5 minutes before they turn out the light. 

By revealing the transformative power of the 5-Minute Epic Evening Ritual, RESUCCEED trains you to "sleep on it" like never before, so that your creative mind and your subconscious can go to work opening you up to the miraculous. You'll achieve a new level of clarity as the answers to your most unanswerable questions arrive in abundance. 

James Colburn's Resucceed System has already helped many high achievers make that breakthrough. In RESUCCEED, he shows you step by step how to ask the right questions in the right way with the right language. The 5-Minute Epic Evening Ritual will enable you to find bold new answers to your deepest questions about life, business, family, and the future—to help you integrate your talents and skills with your own purpose and what brings you joy. 

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