Private and Group Coaching

"I coach successful people to Resucceed. This is my answer to the call of my life. Each of us are called to fully "show up" in life with our unique brand and platform. My role in this is to help bring forward the hidden opportunities while exposing self-imposed limitations that hold us back. Seeing that light go on is my purpose. So much so, my logo is a light bulb."

Are you ready to resucceed? Let's get started.

Rates for Resucceed Success Coaching with James range depending on how many 1-on-1 calls per month are scheduled.

Click here to contact James and schedule a free 15-minute telephone consultation if you are seriously ready to change your life and resucceed.

When you’re ready to start, you will need to complete a Resucceed Success Application prior to coaching. Once your application has been received and approved an individual coaching plan will be developed. 

Resucceed Success Coaching

All of James' coaching is done over the phone. This is by design to remove all the typical obstacles to understanding. In most cases, you will never meet in person with James, which allows for a more meaningful, transparent coaching experience. Both the coach and the person being coached find this helpful in being the sharing and vulnerability process that is necessary to resucceed.  

James exclusively coaches highly successful, already achieved individuals that seek to resucceed by adding fulfillment, meaning, passion, joy, and purpose to their lives.

Hire James when you are seeking one or more of the following: 

  • Emphatic desire to significantly increase your personal income 
  • You are sick and tired of what you have accepted and tolerated in your current brand of success. 
  • Unquenchable interest in the 5-minute Epic Evening Ritual and how it can transform your life 
  • Profound new entrepreneurial startup that requires a new mindset and self approach  
  • Energy management to get the most out of your work and play 
  • Clarification of purpose and strengths, and from this understanding, will move you to the next level of success
  • And much, much more

James' coaching clients have very little to no patience for a long drawn out protracted process so coaching agreements are never longer than 6 months or 3 times per month. James' coaching clients come to him when they are absolutely ready to resucceed.